Cause and Effects of the Nursing Shortage

Cause and Effects of the Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage

Cause and Effects of the Nursing Shortage Abstract The nursing shortage is a growing concern for the nation. The aging population is causing more demand for qualified healthcare professionals. At the same time, healthcare professionals are retiring faster than they can be replaced. This shortage of nursing professionals is causing more overtime work, which creates more nursing errors.

Scholarships and grants are being awarded to students to try and generate more nursing professionals. Many facilities are offering tuition reimbursement incentives to help lure nursing professionals. Many facilities are also offering sign-on bonuses. These incentives show how serious the increasing need for qualified nursing professionals is becoming.

Nursing Crisis There are 2.9 million registered nurses in The United States (The Center for Nursing Advocacy). While that may seem like an enormous amount of nurses, statistics show that by the end of 2010, the United States will be short 275,000 nurses (The Center for Nursing Advocacy)! There are several reasons why the nursing shortage has become so abundant.

The aging population plays a large role in the absence of so many nurses. Baby-boomers are coming into retirement so an enormous amount of nurses are retiring. The aging population also creates a need for more advanced and higher quality healthcare. Another factor is a lack of qualified nursing instructors and funding for educational institutions.

The shortage directly results in over worked nurses leaving the profession. The shortage can cause over worked nurses to make mistakes. The lack of qualified healthcare workers is a serious situation and can have devastating results on patient care. The years between 1946 and 1964 are known as the baby boom years ( During the baby boom, about 79 million babies were born when veterans came back from World War II ( Many of the baby boomers became nurses…

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