Brian (88 years old) is a resident at a high dependency aged care facility (nursing home).

Brian (88 years old) is a resident at a high dependency aged care facility (nursing home).

Brian (88 years old) is a resident at a high dependency aged care facility (nursing home). He has developed infectious conjunctivitis in his right eye. On examination, his eye was found to be red and swollen with a purulent and sticky discharge. His vision was unaffected; however he did complain that his eye was painful. The doctor prescribed gentamicin eye drops which were to be administered to both eyes.
Q1. Background of the case study
1.1 What is infectious conjunctivitis?
1.2 Of the four micro-organisms listed below, justify which one is more likely to be the cause of Brian’s eye infection. Indicate why the other micro-organisms from the list are less likely to cause the infection.
• Legionella pneumophila (yes or no with reason)
• Plasmodium ovale(yes or no with reason)
• Adenovirus(yes or no with reason)
• Escherichia coli(yes or no with reason)

Q2. Mechanism of action and adverse reactions
2.1 Describe the mechanism of action of gentamicin
2.2 Name two possible adverse reactions to this drug
Q3. Mediators of signs and symptoms
3. Identify and discuss the various chemical and cellular mediators which are responsible for any three signs or symptoms of Brian’s condition
Q4. Infection control issues
4. Identify and discuss two infection control issues associated with high dependency aged care facilities that can contribute to the spread of conjunctivitis
4.1Issue 1:
Discussion as to why this is an issue

Q5. Transmission of infection
5.1 Mary who resides in the room next door was diagnosed with the same eye infection 4 days later. Describe how the organism could have been transmitted from Brian’s eye to Mary’s eye (describe the chain of infection that could have occurred form Brian’s eye to Mary’s eye)
Q6. Breaking the chain of infection
6 Describe two procedures nurses will need to undertake to prevent the infection from Brian’s eye being transmitted to another individual. Clearly explain how each procedure will effectively break the chain of infection
6.1 :Identify procedure 1:
describe how this effectively breaks the chain of infection

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