Aspect of adolescent development

Aspect of adolescent development

Aspect of adolescent development

Term Paper: Each student will submit a research paper (5-6) pages in length. (This page length does not include cover page and reference section). Select at least three research articles (i.e peer reviewed, periodicals). Analyzing some aspect of adolescent development with special consideration of physical, emotional, cognitive or social development.

The paper is expected to be well-written. And must include citation of sources in APA format. The paper will be graded based upon the following criteria; Grammar, Organization, Comprehension of research and Student perspective. It is expected that your paper will include a reference section and proper citations. The articles that you select must be from the last 5 years. The research paper requires adequate detailing, citation and form. A research paper is not an opinionated document that states, “I think….”.

The last section of the paper should be your perspective. And include your understanding of your paper and how it relates to adolescent development. In the final section, you can feel free to share your perspective. The student perspective section is the only place where opinions are appropriate. Please feel free to ask me for any support necessary to help you in completing the paper. I am willing to help and we can discuss the paper over the phone to ensure appropriate understanding of the assignment.

My goal is to help each student construct a well-written research paper that will serve as a model for future assignments. Lastly, I do check all of the papers for plagiarism so please be sure you cite when appropriate. Copying information from the Internet is not appropriate and does not help you to develop your writing and research skills.

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