African American Female Historians week 4

In this activity, you will work on the second part of the critical analysis of your topic in diversity. You should consider the feedback from your instructor on the previous activity and use your responses to inform this assignment. Throughout the process, you will support your analysis with reliable evidence from varied sources, which include at least two resources from course materials and two resources from the library. For this activity, you will assess factors that may influence engagement with your topic and then explain one potential obstacle that could interfere with constructive conversation about your topic. Finally, you will describe a possible outcome of your proposed engagement that might influence societal conversations about your topic.

You are not required to answer each question below the rubric criteria but may use them to better understand the criteria and guide your thinking.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Integrate reliable evidence from varied sources throughout your paper to support your analysis.
    1. It is important to draw from a more diverse pool of perspectives from varied sources to support the analysis. This is different from the Citations and Attributions rubric criterion.
    2. Reliable evidence from varied sources should be interwoven throughout the paper itself, while citing and attributing sources will be represented as APA in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your work.
    3. You will be evaluated on both criteria.
  2. Assess at least two significant factors that could affect your topic, such as biases, beliefs, assumptions, and/or values.
    1. In the previous activity, you identified positive elements in conversations about your topic and elements that might benefit from change. Now, determine factors that might influence how insiders and outsiders engage with your topic. What might change their perceptions of the topic or how they talk about it?
  3. Explain how at least one potential obstacle could interfere with the population’s engagement with your topic.
    1. In the previous activity, you identified conversational elements that present opportunities for change. Now, determine a possible obstacle that could interfere with this constructive engagement.
  4. Describe a possible outcome of your proposed engagement that might influence the societal conversations that add to critical awareness of diversity.
    1. You have critically examined how insiders and outsiders of your chosen population engage with your topic. How might your ideas for more constructive, transformative engagement impact how we, as a greater society, talk about your topic?

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