Advances in technology for healthcare

Advances in technology for healthcare

Medical Apps Search and Video: Advances in technology for healthcare

go talk now (augmented and alternative communication) 

Objective: to expose students to emerging medical technologies


1)  Each of you have been assigned a technology below.  If you find another technology not listed here. Or would prefer to research one off of the alternative list, please let me know

2)  Review your assigned technology website and use alternate search options (suggested below) to further explore the product.

3)  Prepare a  powerpoint presentation (minimum of five slides and a max of 10 minutes in length) following the components listed below.

4)  When your video is completed, create a video (instructions on how to do that are posted further down on this document, if needed), to go along with your slide presentation.

5)  When that is complete, submit it for the unit 6 assignment as well as in the Unit 6 discussion board.

6)  Remember to comment on one classmate’s presentation as well with feedback and/or contributions in the discussion board area.

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