If you have to complete a course project for the first time, and this is a mandatory form of work in obtaining qualifications for students of all fields of education, at first it may seem that the difference between it and the abstract is only the number of pages. The abstract, as a rule, does not happen more than 20 pages, and here the course should be not less than this quantity, from 20 to 40 sheets. Of course, this distinguishes these types of research but is not the main difference. First of all, it is necessary to mention the higher level of independence in solving the search problem in the course research, which involves the complexity of the topic, and the branching of the structure, and original approaches to the disclosure of goals and objectives.

Approach to studying the problem

Abstract refers to an abbreviated translation of the content of the primary document or documents with basic information on the topic and conclusions. The abstract has a purely theoretical nature, and its task is to acquire the simplest skills of finding and organizing information on a specific and rather narrow topic.

Course work, on the other hand, is much more complex type of exploratory work, it is designed to consolidate and deepen knowledge of a particular subject or course; that is, it is more about their sources and research results, in addition, in the direction of practical application. The student must be able to seek, collect and systematize knowledge from different sources, making completely independent conclusions. In addition, the course project often includes a practical part (experiment, data analysis, results of field research). This is also a special form of testing knowledge and skills, so the course is performed on schedule and is mandatory for all qualification levels.

Abstract and Coursework Sources of Research

One of the significant differences between the course work and the abstract is the use of the number of sources. For the abstract it is allowed to rely even on 1 work on a subject, it is possible to involve no more than 2-5 sources. Regarding the course project, the minimum number of positions in the bibliography starts with 15, involving the most authoritative works in a particular field, which reveal the topic from different angles (methodological literature, scientific, monographs, articles, including discussion). This will help to comprehensively analyze the problem, as well as to show critical thinking, drawing their conclusions about it. Do not forget that the course project must contain an indication of the relevance of the topic, so it is a mandatory historiographical section of the topic. This is done briefly (2-5 sentences) in the introduction and in a separate section of the main part (historiography of the question),

The structure of the study of an abstract and coursework

There are no special requirements for the structure of the abstract as an optional form of research work. However, it is desirable that it consists of a short introduction indicating the relevance of the topic, the main part, and the conclusions. The availability of sections and subsections depends on the complexity of the topic and the volume of the abstract.

Regarding the structure of the course work, strict requirements have been developed, which must be complied with, otherwise, the project will be sent for revision.

The first is an introduction, which outlines the topic, indicates its relevance, calls the purpose, objectives, and research methods.

The main part consists of 2-3 sections, each of which has subsections. The first section most often outlines the theoretical basis of the topic, scientific tools for research, identifies search methods, as well as it provides a retrospective analysis of the problem from a historical perspective, studies the current stage of scientific ways to solve it.

The second and, if necessary, the third section of the course work is an independent study of the problem, including experimental methods. Measurements are made, conditions are investigated, facts are analyzed, etc., these methods of scientific research depend on the field of knowledge, the subject of research, and the chosen methods.

Conclusions to the course work should contain only the results of the search activities of its author. The best way to do them is to report on the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the purpose and objectives of the study (a negative result is also important for science). The conclusions also indicate the practical value of the results and ways to further study the problem

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