How to write an abstract and summary for a research paper

abstract and summary

How to write an abstract and summary for a research paper

How to write an abstract and summary for a research paper

Just like the title, the abstract and summary of your research paper is the gateway for the reader, in addition to giving an overview of your work, it should grab the attention of your reader.

As the summary and abstract have a limited amount of text, many people have difficulty in writing a concise and interesting text. In this way, we will present a technique to facilitate the preparation of the abstract and the abstract that consists of dividing them into five parts: context, objective, method, results, and conclusion. See below what each of these parts is about.


In this part, you have to present to the reader what your work is about, that is, contextualize it. A simple way to do this is to answer, in a few sentences, the following questions: What problem are you investigating? Where does this problem arise? Why is this problem important? Remember that it is in these first lines that you will pique the reader’s interest.


Describe the purpose of your work in relation to the problems presented in the Context. For example, you can say that the goal is to understand an aspect of the problem, propose a solution to the problem, and carry out a case study, among others. The objective text will depend on the type of study you have carried out.


Here you briefly describe what methods were used; whether it was a case study, experiment, literature review, etc. It is good to put some details of the method, such as the number of participants or number of studies analyzed. This may arouse a greater interest in your work.


 You must present the main results of your study in a very succinct way. Stick to the most relevant results of your study. Remember that you want to inform and also interest the reader. Always be sincere about the results, whether or not they are supportive of your work.


In conclusion, it is important that you describe what the main findings of your study were. For example, you can describe what the implications of your study are for the state of the art and practice, or how the study can serve as a basis for future work. Don’t be exhaustive, just describe the main points.

You must write each of these parts separately and then put them together to form a unified text. However, in some publishing vehicles, it is also possible to leave these parts identified, as in the example below.

Keep in mind that the abstract must speak for itself. That is, the reader must understand what is being presented without having to go into the other parts of the work. For this reason, references and abbreviations should be avoided, unless they are really necessary.

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