97 the value reference model depicts the value chain at levels of abstraction a one 4312618

97 the value reference model depicts the value chain at levels of abstraction a one 4312618

97) The value reference model depicts the value chain at ________ levels of abstraction.

A) one

B) two

C) three

D) four

98) The activities related to moving a product are referred to as

A) value chain activities.

B) supply-chain activities.

C) logistical activities.

D) primary activities.

99) The ________ reference model defines the typical business model in terms of infrastructure, offering, customers, and finance.

A) Osterwalder

B) Zachman

C) federal enterprise

D) open group

100) What act recognizes electronic signatures as legally binding in commerce and business-related transactions?

A) Sarbanes-Oxley Act

B) Section 404 Act

C) Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

D) Contract Validation Act

101) What standard, developed by credit card companies, represents a security framework based on numerous control objectives?

A) Payment card industry data security standard

B) Credit card security interface standard

C) Credit card settlement security payment standard

D) Electronic bill payment security standard

102) ________ systems integrate all the major accounting functions, as well as the Web store, into a single software system.

A) Open enterprise planning

B) Application server planning

C) Enterprise resource planning

D) Zachman enterprise planning

103) Which of the following statements best describes the business architecture's relation to other architectures?

A) The business architecture supports all the other architectures.

B) The data and technology architectures determine business architectures.

C) The business architectures determine the data and technology architectures.

D) None of the above correctly describe the stated relationship.

104) Which of the following is a standard communications protocol in SOA?





105) Which of the following is not an example of middleware?

A) Enterprise system bus

B) Database driver

C) Application programming interface

D) All of the above are examples of middleware.

106) The label “www.google.com” is an example of a

A) domain name.

B) fixed IP address.

C) domain name server.

D) dynamic IP address.

107) “” is an example of a(n)

A) domain name.

B) domain name server.

C) transmission control protocol.

D) Internet protocol address.

108) Ben Black works as an instructor at Cheyenne School, whose domain name is Chey. Ben Black's user name is bblack. Cheyenne School's e-mail system uses the POP protocol. Ben Black's e-mail address is

A) bblack@chey.edu.

B) bblack@chey.com.

C) benblack@chey.org.

D) benblack@chey.com.

109) An Internet merchant captured all of the cookies present on Ron's personal computer at his home

A) because Ron's bank required it.

B) the merchant wanted to speed its transaction with Ron.

C) the merchant wanted to know all of the other sites visited by Ron.

D) because the merchant's bank required it.


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