48 a involves balancing three critical factors requirements cost and time a wbs b 4313116

48 a involves balancing three critical factors requirements cost and time a wbs b 4313116

48) A ________ involves balancing three critical factors: requirements, cost, and time.


B) trade-off

C) test plan

D) critical path

49) According to Brooks' Law, adding more people to a late project will ________.

A) guarantee efficiencies

B) speed up the project

C) create diseconomies of scale

D) reduce the need for coordination

50) The situation where addition of resources creates inefficiencies is known as ________.

A) diseconomies of scale

B) marginal utility

C) marginal returns

D) break-even

51) The final work breakdown structure (WBS) plan shows planned tasks, dependencies, durations, and resource assignments. It is denoted as ________ WBS.

A) test

B) baseline

C) standard

D) benchmark

52) The term ________ refers to a set of management policies, practices, and tools that developers use to maintain control over the SDLC project's resources.

A) swim-lane layout

B) trade-off

C) transmission control protocol

D) configuration control

53) The SDLC process follows a linear sequence from requirements to design to implementation. Therefore, the SDLC process is also known as the ________.

A) waterfall method

B) swim-lane method

C) scrum process

D) agile development method

54) Rapid application development, the unified process, extreme programming, and scrum have led to ________.

A) the waterfall method

B) the swim-lane method

C) agile development


55) Which of the following is true of paired programming?

A) two team members write the same program by coordinating from different locations

B) two programs are run simultaneously on one device

C) two processors are required to run one program

D) two team members share the same computer to write a computer program together

56) According to the scrum process, once the tasks are known for a given set of requirements, the next step is to assign each task a difficulty score, called ________.

A) scrums

B) points

C) grades

D) tallies

57) The total number of points of work a team can accomplish in each scrum period is called ________.

A) score

B) speed

C) velocity

D) degree

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