31 the fraud that requires the least computer knowledge or skill involves a altering 4306114

31 the fraud that requires the least computer knowledge or skill involves a altering 4306114

31) The fraud that requires the least computer knowledge or skill involves

A) altering or falsifying source data.

B) unauthorized use of computers.

C) tampering with or copying software.

D) forging documents like paychecks.

32) The simplest and most common way to commit a computer fraud is to

A) alter computer input.

B) alter computer output.

C) modify the processing.

D) corrupt the database.

33) Downloading a master list of customers and selling it to a competitor is an example of

A) data fraud.

B) output theft.

C) download fraud.

D) fraudulent financial reporting.

34) Which of the following will not reduce the likelihood of an occurrence of fraud?

A) encryption of data and programs

B) use of forensic accountants

C) adequate insurance coverage

D) required vacations and rotation of duties

35) Which of the following is not an example of one of the basic types of fraud?

A) While straightening the store at the end of the day, a shoe store employee finds and keeps an expensive pair of sunglasses left by a customer.

B) An executive devised and implemented a plan to accelerate revenue recognition on a long-term contract, which will allow the company to forestall filing for bankruptcy. The executive does not own any stock, stock options or grants, and will not receive a bonus or perk because of the overstated revenue.

C) A purchasing agent places a large order at higher-than-normal unit prices with a vendor that gave the agent tickets to several football games.

D) A salesperson approves a large sales discount on an order from a company owned partially by the salesperson's sister.

36) On Monday morning, Janet Pillsner, Chief Information Officer at International Securities Corporation (ISC), got some bad news. A tape used to store system data backups was lost while it was being transported to an offsite storage location. She called a meeting of her technical staff to discuss the implications of the loss. Which of the following is most likely to relieve her concerns over the potential cost of the loss?

A) The shipper has insurance that will reimburse ISC for the cost of the tape.

B) ISC has a copy of the tape onsite, so a new copy for storage offsite can easily be prepared.

C) The tape was encrypted and password protected.

D) ISC has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

37) A simple method for catching or preventing many types of employee fraud is to

A) monitor all employee behavior using video cameras.

B) require all employees to take annual vacations.

C) explain to employees that fraud is illegal and that it will be severely punished.

D) monitor employee bank accounts and net worth.

38) Describe two kinds of fraud.

39) What are the actions recommended by the Treadway Commission to reduce the possibility of fraudulent financial reporting?

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