Nursing Assignment: Create Role Play Lesson Plan entitled ” Therapeutic Communication with the angry patient.”

Nursing Assignment: Create Role Play Lesson Plan entitled ” Therapeutic Communication with the angry patient.”

Role Playing a Clinical Application

Role plays can help prepare students for the clinical environment by engaging them in authentic, simulated experiences. Role plays also have a great impact on each learning domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy: cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitude), and psychomotor (physical skills). Due to the hands-on nature required of these activities, role play also gives educators the opportunity to address a variety of learning styles. For example, by having students watch a role play demonstration, nurse educators can address the learning needs of auditory and visual learners. Supplying students with handouts and/or transcripts of the role play can also further address visual learners or students with processing disorders. To engage kinesthetic learners, nurse educators can then require students to demonstrate a role-play situation themselves; which is the ultimate goal and epitome of role playing in practicum settings.

In this Assignment, you will select a clinical activity to role play with a fictitious patient.


Role Play Assignment Instructions

·         Review Chapter 13, “Role Play” in the Bradshaw and Lowenstein course text. How might you adapt the traditional role-play process to create a role play for a video demonstration?

·         Review this week’s media, Role-Play Demonstration. Reflect on the interactions between Dr. Tim Bristol and his patient. In addition, take careful note of the teaching strategies Dr. Bristol uses during his role-play demonstration.

·         Review the Role Play Demonstration: An Example document.

·         Review the Creating a Role Play Demonstration Rubric to review the expectations for this Assignment.

·         Using the Lesson Plan Template document, plan and create your Role Play video.



Role Play

How do I create a Role Play?

Step 1: Identify your intended audience of learners. For this specific role-play Assignment, you must select a clinical skill that you can demonstrate to either nursing students or nursing staff. You may not select patients for this Assignment.

Step 2: Identify a learning need such as a skill, process, or attitude that this specific group of learners might have. When selecting your need, consider those who might most benefit a role-play simulation. This might be an abstract or new idea or one that could be most effectively taught through modeling desired clinical behavior. In addition, it must be one that requires interaction between a nurse and a patient.

Step 3: Begin to outline your role-play ideas in your Lesson Plan template.

Step 4: Carefully construct your learning objectives, ensuring that your role play will address each learning objective. When crafting your objectives, reflect on the cognitive, affective, and interpersonal skills associated with your objectives. In your Discussion posting, you will be asked to describe to which learning domain (cognitive, affective, or psychomotor) each of your objectives is associated.

Step 5: Review your Lesson Plan and think of who might play your fictitious patient. For example, you might ask a colleague, friend, or family member. If need be, this patient could also be a pet, stuffed animal, or cardboard cut-out. When selecting your patient, remember that the purpose of this role playing situation is to demonstrate clinical skills and how a nurse should interact with patients. As such, the focus will not be on your patient, but on the clinical skills and teaching strategies that you employ throughout your role play. Since this is a simulated experience, you may conduct this role-playing activity in an environment that is most convenient for you: your workplace, house, outside, etc. The only requirement is that you accurately demonstrate the clinical skills and/or procedures and teaching strategies within your lesson.




·         You have to create only a Lesson plan for my role play and check the role play example downloaded below…….  The title of my Role Play Lesson Plan that you need to create will be “Therapeutic Communication with the Angry Patient.” Please use the Lesson Plan Template on the uploaded files. 

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