The classmate post would be provided after you done this assigment.

You will be discussing at least one news article/video related to entrepreneurship by yourself and posting in response to at least one of your classmates’ postings (for a minimum total of 2 posts for this discussion forum).

Discussion Post Resource List

Choose a news article or news video from the list of resources provided. You will provide a link to the article or video within your post so that others may view/read the same material as you. Briefly summarize the major aspects of the news item and then take a side; either oppose or support the view of the article(s).

In addition, you should elaborate or clarify at least one of your classmate’s ideas. However, you may respond to as many of your classmates’ posts as you like. It is suggested when responding to your classmate’s postings to not simply state “I agree.” Please check the discussion board regularly and avoid using the same article or video that has been posted by someone else.

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