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Re:Topic 2 DQ 1


The imago dei, means the image of God and the Christian concept of this is that human beings are created in the image of God and that includes the meaning that human beings regardless of race, gender, social status, mental or physical status are made to be honored and shown dignity (Shelly, 2006). This is an important aspect of healthcare because it shows and demonstrates the methods by which nurses and healthcare providers across the board should care for patients. All patients should be shown dignity and respect regardless of their background and there should be an ethical and moral obligation to care for patients as well in this manner as well. The fact of treating others in the image of God is relevant to healthcare as well because it is something that people have always done. Christians were called to healthcare in the early days to care for the sick and wounded and it has been what continues to motivate a lot of people in today’s culture. To look at human beings in a particular light of one of a moral status, it is okay for people to own pets but not for people to own other people. The one thing that I do not agree on for this is the fact that we put down hurt or sick animals but for the longest time we did not allow humans to do the same (Shelly 2006). That is now changing though as states are adopting dying with dignity options that allow a person to go peacefully when they feel their time is ready rather than suffering, just as we do for animals. If an animal has no hope of being saved then we put them down to end their suffering. At least that is the way that I see the situation and interpret it in my beliefs




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