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Clinical manifestations in Ms G, include fever, pain,
redness, swelling, inability to bear weight on the affected left lower leg.  Patient has open wound above medial malleolus
with thick yellow drainage. Patient is positive for Staph aureus at the site of
the wound with clear signs of progressive infection (high neutrophils and WBC


Patient is diabetic and currently has cellulitis, aggressive
antibiotic therapy would be advised to combat the infection of Staph aureus as
well as blood sugar control.  It appears
that the infection is still localized to the leg in question, but systemic broad
spectrum antibiotics should be administered intravenously to cut down the
infection even if it is no longer localized.


Wound care would be initiated, utilizing antimicrobial
dressings to decrease surface bacteria. Mild non mechanical Deridder can be
used to get rid of the yellow slough and provide clean wound bed to promote
healing.  Regular cleaning of the wound
is necessary in order to ensure the wound itself has the best chance of


 Possible affected
muscle groups are flexor halluces longus, tibialis anterior, and flexor digitorum
longus, gastrocnemius muscles. The significance of both the subjective and
objective data, is that both data help the healthcare practitioner in
evaluation and assessment of the client, it aids in holistic approach to


Factors that are present in this situation that can delay
wound healing include the underlying disease of diabetes, staphylococcus aureus
and impaired skin integrity. With a poorly functioning immune system, diabetics
are at a higher risk for developing an infection. Infection raises many health
concerns and also slows the overall healing process. Good infection control practices
need to be in place. An important point to remember about a diabetic patient
wound is that it heals slowly and can worsen rapidly, so close monitoring is









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