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Chapter 1 in our reader, Chronicling California, focuses  on the lives and lifestyles of California’s indigenous peoples, or  California Indians. When learning about the history of the state, they  are often marginalized as actors in our past or, worse, left out of the  story completely. By the time of the American conquest of the area,  their numbers had already diminished significantly and they did not pose  any serious “threat” to Americans. The derogatory term “diggers”  reflected the common view of California Indians as primitive peoples  with little to offer western culture. Yet, in prehistoric times,  California supported the largest number and diversity of peoples in the  entire North America.

Start  this week’s assignment by reading the documents in the reader and  reflecting on the study questions at the end of the chapter. Your post  then should reflect on how these documents help illustrate the lives and  world views of Native California populations and the impact of  Europeans on their lives. Using specific examples from the documents in  the reader (always noting the page numbers), reflect on the following  questions:

  • What were your perceptions of California Indian peoples prior to the class? What were the sources of those perceptions?
  • What do the sources in the reader tell us about California Indians and their lives and world views?
  • In what ways do the readings help advance your knowledge?
  • Why is it important for us to understand the role of indigenous peoples in California’s history?
  • Why are their experiences still relevant to us in today’s California?

Review  the grading rubric for the discussions one more time before starting  this assignment. You should start early enough to allow for some  meaningful exchanges; you should reference the readings and cite your  sources at all times. Remember that these discussions need to  demonstrate that 1. you have read the documents and 2. thought about  their meaning and significance.

that is the week course about the question.

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