18 the four cash flow categories required in an enterprise fund 39 s statement of ca 4307334

18 the four cash flow categories required in an enterprise fund 39 s statement of ca 4307334

18) The four cash flow categories required in an Enterprise Fund's Statement of Cash Flows are listed below and assigned a letter code.

A)Cash flows from operating activities

B)Cash flows from noncapital financing activities

C)Cash flows from capital and related financing activities

D)Cash flows from investing activities


Use the correct letter code to indicate where each of the following ten items associated with an Enterprise Fund should be reported in the Statement of Cash Flows.

1.An enterprise fund's fixed asset was sold for cash.

2.Cash paid to suppliers for goods.

3.Paid principal, $100,000, and interest, $5,000, on a mortgage.

4.Cash proceeds from sale of investments, $65,000.

5.Cash paid for new equipment, $18,000.

6.Cash received from the general fund; restricted to cover part of the cost of plant expansion, $900,000.

7.Cash received from another fund as a 6-month loan for the sole purpose of financing purchase of equipment, $47,000.

8.Cash proceeds from issuing bonds for an enterprise fund's construction project.

9.Cash paid to employees for salaries.

10.Cash received from interest earned on investments.

19) Based upon the flow information provided below for the year ending December 31, 2011, prepare a cash flow statement for the Downtown City Motor Pool, an internal service fund.

Cash received from customers$830,000

Cash received from General Fund (noncapital loan)20,000

Interest revenue received1,000

Cash received from short-term note payable (not used for capital assets)40,000

Payments to employees450,000

Payments to suppliers250,000

Cash paid to the General Fund – noncapital loan65,000

Payments for capital improvements60,000

Interest paid on short-term note payable above2,000

Principal paid on capital debt50,000

Interest paid on capital debt

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