15 the general ledger report is viewed by selecting a reports analysis gt gt account 4312227

15 the general ledger report is viewed by selecting a reports analysis gt gt account 4312227

15) The General Ledger report is viewed by selecting:

A) Reports & Analysis>>Accountant and Taxes>>General Ledger.

B) Reports and Finances>>Accountant and Taxes>>General Ledger.

C) Company Accounts>>Accountant and Taxes>>General Ledger.

D) Reports>>Accountant and Taxes>>General Ledger.

16) You can modify reports in QBP by opening the report and then clicking:

A) Modify Report.

B) Memorize Report.

C) Adjust Report.

D) Analyze Report.

17) When analyzing the General Ledger report for errors, you should:

A) check for posting errors.

B) check for missing transactions.

C) neither A nor B.

D) both A and B.

18) Before closing the accounting period, you should:

A) review pending transactions.

B) reconcile all bank statements.

C) adjust end of period accounts.

D) all the above.

19) After calculating the accrual amount for wages, the transaction is posted as a:

A) Payroll entry.

B) General ledger entry.

C) General journal entry.

D) Vendor bill.

20) On the Home page, you begin reconciling a bank account by clicking:

A) Reconcile under Adjustments.

B) Reconcile under Banking.

C) Reconcile under Closing.

D) Reconcile under Preclosing.

21) When reconciling a bank statement, you will need to record:

A) Deposits in transit.

B) Bank fees.

C) Outstanding checks.

D) all the above.

22) When reconciling a bank account, you will need to enter:

A) bank fees.

B) beginning balance.

C) ending balance and bank fees.

D) ending balance.

23) When reconciling a bank account, if you made a mistake entering the beginning balance then you can change the beginning balance by clicking:

A) Amend.

B) Modify.

C) Change.

D) Adjust.

24) To reopen a deposit or check transaction while reconciling a bank account, you can:

A) double click the transaction in the reconciliation window.

B) select the transaction and click Open.

C) click Modify.

D) click Adjust.


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