129 rfid tags include all of the following except a active tags b passive tags c ina 4312705

129 rfid tags include all of the following except a active tags b passive tags c ina 4312705

129) RFID tags include all of the following except

A) active tags.

B) passive tags.

C) inactive tags.

D) semi-passive tags.

130) Which of the following is not associated with lean manufacturing?


B) Toyota Production System

C) Eliminating waste


131) The following are EDI standards except

A) ANSI X.12.

B) AS2.


D) ISO-95.

132) Green IT is concerned with

A) reducing e-waste by reusing and or refurbishing IT products.

B) using less fuel in the creation of IT systems.

C) designing more efficient systems in order to reduce necessary storage requirements.

D) Green IT is concerned with all of the above.

133) The exchange of business documents such as purchase orders and invoices in an electronic format between the computers of separate organizations is known as

A) e-mail.

B) electronic data interchange.

C) computer-integrated information system.

D) electronic document exchange.

134) Which of the following specialized information systems would be the most useful in providing information for routine decisions?

A) Decision support system

B) Expert system

C) Executive information system

D) Accounting information system

135) Which of the following is not an example of good internal control?

A) Having adequate records

B) Being sure that everyone clearly understands his or her own responsibilities

C) Making sure that each department is responsible for keeping its own accounting records

D) Having periodic physical checks (or counts) of the inventory

136) Which officer, department, or division within an organization is responsible for monitoring the other departments to ensure that the organization's policies and procedures are being carried out?

A) Internal auditing

B) Vice President for Administration

C) Chief Information Officer

D) A steering committee

137) Which of the following is used to ensure a high degree of user involvement in the control of an information systems department?

A) Maintenance programmers

B) Operations manager

C) Technical support committee

D) Steering committee

138) Which of the following is not a merchant benefit of Web commerce?

A) Cost savings through automated ordering

B) Worldwide availability of the company's products

C) No waiting in line for a salesperson or to obtain product information

D) Low overhead



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