1 quickbooks considers all of the following to be vendors except a financial institu 4314453

1 quickbooks considers all of the following to be vendors except a financial institu 4314453

1.QuickBooks considers all of the following to be vendors except:
A.Financial institutions such as banks
B.Tax agencies such as the IRS
C.Utility companies
D.All of these

2.Which one of the following is a vendor transaction?
A.Make Deposits
B.Receive Customer Payments
C.Enter Bills
D.Sell Goods to Customers

3.How does QuickBooks categorize items?
A.Non-inventory items
B.Inventory items
C.Service items
D.All of these

4.Which of the following activities and QuickBooks window used to record it is incorrect?
A.Sell goods and bill customers; Invoice
B.Record inventory information; Inventory List
C.Record vendor information; Vendor List
D.Order goods; Purchase Order

5.Which one of the following activities is not shown in the Vendor section of the Home page?
A.Write Checks
B.Pay Sales Taxes
C.Pay Bills
D.Purchase Orders

6.Which one of the following is usually classified as an inventory item?
A.Goods purchased for resale to customers
B.Items purchased and the quantity on hand does not need to be tracked
C.Items purchased and used by the company such as office supplies
D.Items purchased for a specific customer job

7.Which of the following reports is typically used when counting inventory on hand?
A.Inventory Valuation Summary
B.Inventory Valuation Detail
C.Inventory Stock Status by Item
D.Physical Inventory Worksheet

8.Which QuickBooks window is used to record services received?
A.Create Invoice
B.Purchase Order
C.Enter Bills

9.The Inventory Stock Status by Item report is used when:
A.Vendors offer a purchase discount on inventory items
B.A list is needed of the quantity of inventory on hand and on order
C.The computers go down
D.Inventory items are physically placed in the warehouse

10.Vendor reports can be accessed in QuickBooks in all of the following ways except:
A.Report Center
B.Vendor Center
C.Report Menu
D.All of these

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